Cam Scherr – An Inspiring Sailor with a Bright Future


Sophia Hall, PaperClip Staff

Health nut, track star, future military officer – is there anything Cameron Scherr doesn’t do? This senior at Portsmouth High School has set the standard for a well-rounded athlete and student. 

“My main goal is to become an officer in the military after attending the service academy.” Cam has already taken his Candidate Physical Assessment test and passed with flying colors. “I was inspired by my mother’s best friend, he was a navy seal officer who motivated me to follow in the same path.”

“I like to eat fruit because it tastes good,” Cam states when asked about his healthy lifestyle. “Especially bananas, I brought two bananas today, on accident, but it’s okay.”

He’s looking forward to starting the senior sailing season this upcoming March. “We’re all anticipating the day when we can launch our boats and get on the water.” Cam has been on the sailing team since his sophomore year here at Portsmouth High, so this will be his third season out there. They’re looking to diversify their team by adding their first girl member, but so far no one has stepped forward.

We could all use a little more Cam Scherr in our lives. He motivates those around him to make good choices and push themselves to their full potential.