Teenage Car Shopping Simplified


Carson Vardell, PHS Paperclip Writer

Getting a first car is a huge moment in the life of a teenager. That first car is always memorable, but whether those memories are good or bad depends on exactly what kind of vehicle you end up getting. Our list of the best cars for teens includes four solid choices from different categories of cars. They all have different functions and perks that will ensure these are the best cars for teens.

The four cars that are best for teenage drivers are the Toyota Tundra, Subaru Outback, Toyota Camry and  Volkswagen Tiguan. These all offer reliability and functionality. Here’s a little about each one:

Toyota Tundra:

The Toyota Tundra is a small sized pickup truck that has four doors and a good sized truck bed for hauling various items. They go from around $4,000 to over $30,000 for a brand new model. Tundras have all-wheel drive and handle well in all different types of weather.

Subaru Outback:

The Subaru Outback has a great track record all around. They are known for being extremely reliable and are big enough to fit multiple people. It is a four-door crossover with all-wheel drive and lots of safety features.  They start around $3,000 for a used model and go up into the twenties for a new model.

Toyota Camry:

The Toyota Camry is the perfect compact sedan for teens all across the country. It is quick and handles very well for the price you would be paying. They start around $3,500 and go up to $25,000 for top of the line specifications.

Volkswagen Tiguan:

The Volkswagen Tiguan is probably the biggest car on the list. It is a more compact SUV with plenty of power and functionality. This means they are also the more expensive option. They start around $7,000 and can go up to $30,000 for the newest model. The good thing is they are easy to maintain and probably the best option if you are looking for an SUV. German engineering never fails.


“All of these cars are great options for first-time buyers and from what I’ve seen they last an extremely long time,” says Mike Harrison from Precision Auto In Portsmouth, NH. You can’t go wrong with any of these cars and they are sure to last you a long long time.