Review of Netflix’s Original Bandersnatch

Adison Long, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Netflix has come out with another popular original movie called Bandersnatch, a movie stemmed from the TV series, Black Mirror.

At the beginning of the movie, it says that it is an hour and thirty minutes but that can vary depending on which “paths” you take throughout the movie. The main character Stefan Butler, played by Fionn Whitehead, starts the beginning of the movie with simple choices as in what type of cereal he should eat, all up to the person watching. The two different answers you choose pop up on the bottom of the screen giving viewers a couple seconds to chose your answer.

Different answers cause different things to happen in the movie. If the movie ends suddenly, it shows how it ends and than an option to pick a different answer will pop up and let you continue to watch the movie for a different outcome.

The story is hard to summarize because the watcher gets to chose each path; the movie can go multiple ways depending on what each person chooses.

The movie for each person starts the same way, which is Stefan Butler getting ready to go present his game idea to a new company. Throughout the movie, if you continuously go back and change your answer, Stefan gets more and more paranoid about his thought that someone is “controlling” his actions and his thoughts.

He also hints at the fact that his game will have multiple choices to go down certain “paths” but there is always the same ending, which left some viewers of the movie thinking that perhaps no matter what path you took it would end the same for each person.