Tuscan Market’s VIew

Sophie Hall, PaperClip Staff/Writer

It’s safe to say that many locals of Portsmouth aren’t all too happy with the recent closing of iconic cafe Breaking New Grounds. Owner Matt Govoni recently sold the property to the owner of Tuscan Kitchen and Market, Joe Faro.

Even with the incredibly sad chapter of Portsmouth ending, Govoni wanted to take this opportunity to spend more time with his family. It was not a decision that he came to lightly but felt like the time was right.

As for the new owner of the vital downtown property, Faro assures his future patrons that people will “absolutely still be able to sit outdoors in the square” and he is looking forward to becoming more involved in the Portsmouth community.

Evan Govoni states that “He,  (Faro) really cares about the city, and I think that he’s gonna do a really nice job here. I hope that everyone gives it a chance.”

The well-loved cafe will be transformed into the new Tuscan Market that is currently located on Lafayette road. The old Tuscan Market will be converted into a banquet hall.