Top 5 Hikes in New Hampshire


Aiden Aliouche, PHS PaperClip Writer/Staff

New Hampshire is home to numerous mountains, and hundreds of trails that snake around them. Here are just a few that you should find the time to explore.

#5. Welch and Dickey Loop trail. This is a moderate hike for people looking for a hike with a great view, and just a touch of challenge. It offers a 360 degree view that allows dogs and is only four miles.

#4. Mount Morgan and Mount Percival trail. This trail is a bit easier than the previous  trail but is still five and a half miles long. Features a cave, views of a lake, and is dog friendly.

#3. Champney Falls trail. This is an easy hike with roughly 600 feet of elevation and is about three miles long. It features a waterfall along with great views and is dog friendly.

#2. Lafayette Loop trail. This is a difficult hike, that is eight and a half miles long. It features three different peaks and a waterfall, and boasts 360 degree views from all the peaks. The entire hike you are suspended in the clouds, walking on the spine of Franconia Notch. This trail provides views for the entire hike once you emerge above the treeline.

#1. Piper Trail. A moderate six and a half mile hike up Mount Chocorua that is dog friendly and has some of the best views in New Hampshire at the peak. Along the way you will pass a lean-to and shelter for overnight hikers.