Was the Change in School Start Time a Good idea?

A couple of years ago, the start time of all Portsmouth Schools changed. Many people have different ideas about the subject.

Charly Grimes, Paperclip staff/writer

The later start time gives students more time to get the recommended amount of sleep. On average, teens get fewer than seven hours of sleep when studies suggest that they need at least nine. By having the later start time, students have the capability to sleep longer but does not necessarily mean that they will. Naturally, teens get tired around 11 pm. If they go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7:15, giving them an hour before the warning bell, they would get 8 hrs of sleep. This is still an hour less of what they need, however, if they were to wake up at 6:15 (if they hadn’t changed the start time), they would’ve gotten only 7 hours.

Even though students have the option to sleep in, their probability of going to bed earlier is lessened by the fact that they now get out of school later and students need time for after-school activities and homework. Also, some after-school activities start near the time we get out which is hard to be there on time.

Many high school students have younger siblings to help take care of. Most elementary and middle schools get out earlier than the high school, which means they can’t pick them up or take care of them. Most high school students have jobs which means they have to go to work straight from school to work and don’t have a break to do homework or relax.

Even if there is more time in the morning, students are still getting the same amount of sleep because they don’t have time for homework, jobs, and after-school activities.