Netflix Christmas Movies


Adison Long, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Christmas ChroniclesNetflix original about siblings that cause problems on Christmas Eve and have to help Santa Clause fix Christmas. Going through a series of events the siblings and Santa Clause and others encounter having to help save Christmas so it can happen on time.

“Funny, heart warming and a fun Christmas movie.”- said Michele Arone of the new Christmas film,

Christmas Inheritance– Netflix original about a girl whose family came from a small town, but she grew up in New York City. Her dad sends her on a trip to find her true self in the town he grew up in to see if she is prepared to run his multimillion-dollar company. While she’s there she finds the true meaning in Christmas and life itself.

“Tradition, friendship, love.”-says Charles Long in response to the power of this film.

The Princess Switch Netflix original about a baker from a city who gets asked to go to a baking competition in the town where the prince and soon to be princess are living. While the baker is preparing for the competition she comes across her look-alike who just happens to be the princess marrying the prince. They choose to switch places and find they both enjoy that life better.