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Review of new Khalid album “Suncity”

Khalid is a very fast growing artist and became famous very quickly. The album contains only 6 songs, all with a similar sort of sound.

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Review of new Khalid album “Suncity”

Drip Harder album cover

Drip Harder album cover

Drip Harder album cover

Drip Harder album cover

Tabitha DuBosque, PHS Paperclip writer

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On October 19 2018, famous singer-songwriter Khalid released his new album, “Suncity.” Fans were extremely excited to hear this as his “American Teen” album was such a hit. 

The first song on the album is named “Suncity.” This song is filled with beautiful harmonies and a Spanish-sounding vibe. He actually has a few spanish parts for this song. It makes sense that this is the first song on the album because it is the most upbeat and exciting.

While the song was exciting at first, it begins to get repetitive and boring after a minute or so of listening.It was clear that work went into this song, but some different lyrics or more exciting beat would have made the song more enjoyable to listen to. Song rating: 5/10.

Next up is “Motion.” This song has a very dreary, cloudy, light vibe. It is the kind of thing you’ll want to listen to when you are trying to sleep or have a relaxing morning drive. An indie-vibe cries out while the harmonies work perfectly together. The piano and guitar work well while Khalid’s voice ties it all together. Song rating: 7/10.

The most popular song, “Better,” was an absolute win. The beat drop was great while we could still feel the dreamy light vibe he’s known for. This tune was actually released a little while back but he liked the song so much he decided to put it on this album. Personally, this was my favorite song because it always puts me in a good mood. Song rating: 10/10.

“Saturday Nights” is next up on the album. This was a very good song to listen to. Again, this couldn’t exactly be a song you’d want to listen to when working out at the gym, but its very relaxed and pretty. His vocals are beautiful and the guitar works perfectly with the song.

“Vertigo” is mostly strings and harmonies, similar sounding to the other songs on the album. Again, Khalid doesn’t fail to bring us dreamy, cloud like vibes. His vocals also work very well with this song because his voice is really light and breathy, which complies with the song very well. Song rating: 6/10.

“Salem’s Interlude” wouldn’t exactly be considered a song. It is more like a musical way of him expressing his feelings while he talks. The same goes for the last song on the album, “9.13”.

Overall, the album was a very relaxed one, aside from his hit song, “Better”. I would have liked to hear more upbeat songs. It’s hard to compare this album to his last one because it was so good and made people want to get up and dance.

“I would definitely listen to it again,” says student Isabel Ardito, Khalid fan. “I really enjoyed his way of expressing himself through this album.”

The overall album rating is a 6/10. He put a lot of hard work into it and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get in a relaxed state of mind.

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Review of new Khalid album “Suncity”