Ratana Ryan, PaperClip Staff/ Writer

Dear PHS PaperWeight:

Finals week is coming up and I need some new study tactics, do you have any ways I can get better at studying before finals?

Dear Study-habits needed,

With Finals just around the corner you should start to prepare yourself for a long week. I know that studying for a test is a lot of willpower and it takes up a lot of time. Although you want to have time to hangout with your friends, maybe you think studying for your test with your friends will help. With friends being involved in your study time you may have trouble with distractions.

Try to organize your binder or folder with tests or notes that you have taken. Note taking is important during any class that you have, try your best to keep them all in one folder. Along with keeping your notes in one folder you should keep your test and the corrections you made in that folder.


A good studying tactic would be to turn your notes into flashcards. Write down the important information from your notes into flashcards. Although all information is important there is also information that you tend to forget more than other information. Flash cards can make a big difference, you think that you may not need extra pieces of paper with information you think you know. Having the flashcards with just little information can help you a lot.

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