Focusing in class

Student Advice Column

Ratana Ryan, PaperClip Staff / Writer

Dear PHS PaperWeight:

When I’m in class sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on what is being taught. How can I get myself to focus more?


Dear Struggling-to-Focus:

Students often have a class that they don’t like or can’t focus in. Being a student myself, I know how hard it is to focus when you’re surrounded by your friends and your phone. First, make a goal that you have to try as hard as you can to focus on what is being said or done. Sitting in class all day and focusing is very hard no matter who you are, but making the effort is half the battle.

When students are in class they often want to be on their phone, and thus ignore what is happening in front of them. Knowing how tempting it is to go on your phone during class, my advice to you is to put your phone in your bag. Some teachers may have shoe organizers with your names on them to put your phones in. I know that typically my phone is a problem for me, so I put it on do not disturb and away in my backpack.

Another way to get rid of being distracted in school is doodling in a notebook or on your paper the teacher gave you. Doodling may seem distracting as well, but it is way more productive than sitting on your phone all class. Just sitting at your desk doodling will get help you to get to where you need. Although doodling may not be exactly what the teacher is asking for, you will still have your paper out in front of you and not your phone. Drawing little sketches never hurt anyone!