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Fidget spinners, what’s the deal?

Georgia Dickinson, PHS PaperClip Writer

May 30, 2017

Filed under Student Life

Fidget spinners in high schools have become the new "big thing." But, they also have become the new distraction. Fidget spinners were created for kids with ADHD and ADD, so that they can focus on school, but the people who don’t...

CTE Changes in Portsmouth High School

Alexandria Watson, Contributer

May 24, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

As of late, students in the career tech center (CTE) have noticed how the program is changing with the removal of our wood shop program. Former teacher Mr. Robley is not instructing anymore and substitutes are doing their bes...

Summer Fashion Trends for 2017

Carmen Cheney, Writer

May 24, 2017

Filed under A&E, Showcase, Student Life

Summer is back and packed full of all kinds of fresh looks and trends that you should watch out for. In recent times, aesthetics have become a really significant part of creating the best OOTD (outfit of the day), and this summe...

Schools are getting SALT-y

Liv Brown, PaperClip Writer/Writer

May 24, 2017

Filed under Sports, Student Life

In recent years, more and more high schools have incorporated a SALT group in their school for the student body. S.A.L.T. stands for “Student Athletic Leadership Team.” These groups focus on what the participants can do to...

What’s Going on Next Year?

Julianne Edwards, Writer for the PHS Paperclip

May 24, 2017

Filed under News, Student Life

Last November, Mr. Andrew Korman spoke at the student council meeting, presenting the Teachers in Academic Support Centers (TASC) Block. The program was originally created by Conval High School in 2012 to promote learning enr...

School Schedule Puts Students at Risk

Orson Wright, Staff Writer

May 24, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

Next year Portsmouth High School will be starting approximately one hour later.  This will have drastically negative effects on our students. Leaving school one hour later in the winter will be sending students and student athletes...

Where do the Funds from Parking Passes Go?

Ashley Remick, PaperClip Journalist

May 23, 2017

Filed under News, Showcase, Student Life

An average of 260 students buy parking passes each year at Portsmouth High School. This year alone, 415 students bought the small sticker that allows them to legally park at the school. At a rate of $150 a year, students should...

The TASC Block: Wait What?

Luke Smith, PaperClip Writer

May 23, 2017

Filed under Opinion, Student Life

To review our previous article, the new TASC block will be implemented next year, along with school starting one hour later. The schedule will consist of four 81 minute blocks, with a 40 minute TASC block sandwiched in betwe...

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