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Five Pivotal Ways Our Sister-School in Japan differs from PHS

Derrick Luu, PaperClip Staff/Writer

October 17, 2017

Dress code: Everyday, students in Japan have to follow a strict dress code. Students have to wear their uniform everyday, and they can’t even attend school if they don’t wear it. For the boys, they wear what's called a ...

Student Opinion: PHS considers K-9 Sweeps

Jack Tizzard, PaperClip Staff/Writer

October 11, 2017

With PHS considering bringing in drug dogs to sweep the school, I believe it's a good idea, but not something that PHS needs. In my time at PHS, as a senior, there has never been a legitimate life threatening situation involving...

Top Ten Food Options in Portsmouth for $20 or less

Derrick Luu, Paperclip Staff/Writer

October 9, 2017

       10. Taco Bell If you’re looking for something quick, and don’t want to wait around, Taco Bell should fill you right up. This fast food drive through will taste great, but you won’t be feeling great the next da...

What Half of Americans Don’t Know

Olivia Sirles, PaperClip Staff/Writer

October 4, 2017

There are 3.4 million US citizens living in Puerto Rico who need help recovering from Hurricane Maria, a category four storm. On Wednesday 9/20, the hurricane hit Puerto Rico with 150 mph winds and several feet of rain. The island...

Student Reaction to TASC Block

Ceci Palermo, PaperClip Writer

October 4, 2017

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, a new block was introduced. This blocked is called Teachers in Academic Support Centers (TASC) and allows for students to have a designated time to get extra help during school ho...

In review; IT stays afloat in 2017 adaptation

Grace Griffin, PHS Paperclip Journalist

October 4, 2017

Right from the start, you’re thrown into the fictional town of Derry, Maine, where a monster is lurking in the sewers just below a gang of kids who call themselves the “Losers Club.” The monster, known as IT, is making kids dis...

American Withdrawal From Paris Agreement Is A Step Backwards

Liam Carmichael, PHS Paperclip Writer

June 19, 2017

On June 1st, Donald Trump announced in the White House Rose Garden that the United States would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. This was devastating to the majority. This is just the latest example of seemingl...

What You Probably Do not Know (but should!) about Guy Fieri

Georgia Dickinson, PHS PaperClip writer

June 19, 2017

Ever since this sensuous, quixotic individual was a young boy, he had a strong love for food. When he was 10 years old, he used to hate how his mother would cook with vegetables, so she told him if he didn’t like the way she cooked, then he should cook for himself. He took that as the green light.  Fieri went down to the gro...

Photo Credit: Liv Brown

Graduation Recap

June 19, 2017

Why ’13 Reasons Why’ is Stirring Up So Much Controversy

Karis Hakala, Paperclip Staff/Writer

May 24, 2017

The Netflix show 13 Reasons Why is about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide. She leaves thirteen cassette tapes behind explaining why she took her own life. In the show, viewers follow Clay Jensen as he listens to the tape...

CTE Changes in Portsmouth High School

Alexandria Watson, Contributer

May 24, 2017

As of late, students in the career tech center (CTE) have noticed how the program is changing with the removal of our wood shop program. Former teacher Mr. Robley is not instructing anymore and substitutes are doing their bes...

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