Snow Predictions for the 20-21 Winter Season


Ryan Aucella, PaperClip Staff/Writer

If you love snow, you will love what’s happening this winter! The Farmers’ Almanac has released the 20/21 winter season predictions. After last year’s relatively quiet winter, they have predicted something completely different for this year.

“It’s snow time!” the Almanac said. “Snow lovers in the northeast should be very excited!” 

The Almanac predicts a huge blizzard to hit in the 2nd week of February, bringing 1 to 2 feet of snow from Washington, DC all the way up to Boston, MA.They also said that New Englanders would be struck by another big storm in late March, bringing lots of snow as well. Finally, the Almanac predicted below average temperatures for the winter months with more snow than rain. 

A fellow snow lover, Sam Philbrick, has lots to say about the snowy weather coming this season. “At least this year I don’t have to travel out West to get the goods,” said Philbrick. “I plan on taking advantage of it.”

With all of this snow, get prepared for ski season.  As of right now, all ski resorts in New Hampshire will be open for the 20/21 ski season. Most ski resorts are starting to gear up for their busiest season.

For more information on ski resorts, check out Caden Dean’s article on  COVID-19 regulations and rules for the 20/21 ski season.