Are Gap Years Necessary?


Maeve Riley, PaperClip Staff/Writer


As we are faced with the time to decide to further our education or not, the thought of taking a gap year has been bubbling in a lot of students’ heads. We are seventeen and eighteen years old. How are we supposed to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives?

A gap year may be necessary to find this out. It gives students time to explore your options and find your true self. 

 Melanie Wolf, the guidance counselor for the senior class of 2019,  responded to some questions about her opinion on college educations.

Do you think college educations are necessary?

“No, I think there are many careers that you can get training and certificates and have a successful career. An electrician is a perfect example of this.”

Do you agree that trade school students are as successful as university students?

“In general I think that statistically, students that go to a four-year college end up making more money but, there are many trades that students can be financially successful and comfortable, and will have less debt.”

Do you agree that students should take off a year before going to college to decide what they want to do before spending all that money?

“It depends on the student.”


It is helpful to have these insights from a guidance counselor. Ms. Wolfe’s last comment really says it all: it all depends on the kid.